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Located in exciting Nashville TN, Holophrase Films chooses  to create our projects in the greater Nashville  area where the there is a  variety of locations for Film Production and are authentic for any project along with professional  crew members and able talent. 

In 2020 our film productions  include Feature Film The Alotment and Documentary, Pray To Love. Just Plane Bobbi is in development for 2021

Chicks With Sticks; a Music Documentary


TH Entertainment in partnership with Nancy Puetz at Holophrase Films are ready to offer this project Chicks With Sticks for sale or completion funds. A moving documentary of the girls and women who "keep the beat." From Steven Tyler to Prince, from Lenny Kravitz to Santana, women have proven their worth one thousand times over. This film will bring them from the background to the front of the stage. Sincere and Moving it is a film to remember.

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What if you were able to live forever? Destiny doesn't happen by accident. The Allottment romantic yarn in the best Louisiana tobacco plantation style. Carol Bidault, Executive Producer and Nancy Puetz, Producer are working to bring this project to screens around the United States and  Due 2020 Autumn. 

Producer/ Writer Robert Pelt is working on three feature projects with film production to begin  in late 2021.

Pray to Love

Award winning artist Anne Goetze returned to  Annecy, France over and over again. Armed with her camera  and paints, Anne documented the  cloistered Visitation Order in an attempt to understand their compulsion to live their simple lives behind bars;  never guessing their faith journey would birth her own .                                                                  

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